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Auchtermuchty Schools

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Main Schools in Auchtermuchty

o Voluntary / Public Schools
            The Parish School became the North Public School
            The Free Church School became the South Public School

o  Adventure Schools ('Venture' schools) and Dame Schools                         

o  Subscription Schools:
            Madras School 1855
            Southfield Institute for Young Ladies 1860s


Key Dates in Scottish School Education

1560     The post-Reformation Presbyterian Church of Scotland declared its intention to establish a nation-wide system of education including schools, colleges and universities.


1696     An Act made it compulsory for every parish to establish a school.


Schooling was not made compulsory by law, but parish ministers were expected to ensure that children did attend school.  There was no set leaving date but parish ministers and kirk sessions tried to ensure that pupils didn't leave until they were proficient at reading the Bible.


1872     The Scottish Education Act made attendance at school compulsory for children aged 5-13.  (2 years after a similar Act had been passed in England.)


All schools were now placed under the charge of School Boards, composed of tax- payers.  Fees were still to be paid.  If necessary, assistance was given from the parish rates.


Most 'voluntary' schools, e.g.  in Auchtermuchty, the Free Church School, joined the state system.  Madras School was incorporated a few years later.


Some private schools, in particular, Roman Catholic and Episcopalian Church schools remained independent.


1883     The school leaving age was raised to 14.


1888     Leaving Certificate exams were introduced - 'Lowers' and 'Highers' .


1891     Fees for children aged 5 - 14 were abolished.


All householders now had to pay 'school rates' whether or not they had children attending school.


1908     Compulsory medical inspections for school children were introduced.


Schools Boards were permitted to provide cheap school meals, free books and stationery.


1918     The leaving age was increased to 15.


School Boards were abolished and replaced by Education Authorities in counties and cities.

This was an attempt to eradicate the differences between schools in wealthy cites and those in poorer rural areas.


1934     Milk was supplied at a reduced price and after 1946 it became free.


1947     The leaving age was raised to 15.


1974     The leaving age was raised to 16.


l980s     The use of the belt/strap/tawse was phased out and banned completely in 1987.

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